In December 2016 the Pare Hauraki Collective Redress Deed was initialled between the Crown and the mandated Iwi negotiators. Shortly Hako members and members of the other tribes will be asked to vote on whether you accept the shared settlement redress being offered by the Crown. Have your say, please get registered.

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In August 2014 the Hako Tupuna Trust was established and confirmed as the Post-Settlement Governance Entity to receive and manage the settlement for Hako.

Download Hako Ratification Information Sheet

Download Hako Tupuna Trust 2014 PSGE – Final Result (1)

Download Hako Tūpuna Trust Deed

In 2010 the Hako Negotiators were confirmed to negotiate a treaty settlement on behalf of Hako along with the support of the Hako Treaty Team. The negotiators were recognised by the Crown in June 2011.

Download Ngati Hako Deed of Mandate

In 2011 a Hako Agreement in Principle was signed between Hako and the Crown.

Download Ngati Hako AIPE

In 2010 Ngati Hako joined the Hauraki Collective to negotiate an Iwi-specific settlement and a shared settlement alongside the other Iwi of Hauraki. A Hauraki Framework Agreement was signed on 1 October 2010 between the Hauraki Collective and the Crown. It records the intentions of the Crown and the Hauraki Collective regarding negotiations.

Hauraki Collective – Framework Agreement 3205

Two Negotiators have been mandated by Hako, (Ngāti Hako Deed of Mandate May 2011), and recognised by the Crown, (Minister Letter 29th June 2012), to negotiate a Hako treaty Settlement with the Crown.